Prime Verified

The program that verifies the feeder calf. As well as the cattleman.
Buyers know pre-vaccinated calves will gain faster and stay healthier every step of the way. Our Prime calf program helps you deliver those healthy, high-performing calves, and includes a certificate confirming they are indeed properly vaccinated.

Enrollment is easy.
Contact your veterinarian or Express Verified expert and purchase eligible Express®, Pyramid® FP or Pyramid FP + Presponse® SQ products for use in your calves. Then, ask your veterinarian for a Prime Purchase Certificate. You can then bring that certificate to the auction barn or send it on to the buyer, as proof that your calves were properly vaccinated and protected against major diseases.

Administered alone or in combination with the Express® Verified pre-breeding program, a Prime certificate offers extra assurance to buyers that your calves are backed by a quality health program, and by a seller who is dedicated to earning their trust.

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