Prime Verified Product Information

Protect your growing calves, as well as your reputation with Prime Verified.
Any buyer worth their salt knows where the healthiest calves are coming from. The goal of our Prime Verified Feeder Calf program is to make sure that’s your operation. Participation in the program will let others know you can deliver healthy calves that are ready for the feedlot — while giving you the flexibility to manage your herd the way you want.

Increase the chances your herd will be protected and stay healthy by using Prime Verified vaccines like Pyramid® FP, Pyramid® FP+Presponse® SQ and Express®.

Pyramid® FP/Pyramid + Presponse® Vaccines

  • Broad coverage – BVD Types 1 and 2, IBR, BRSV and PI3 with or without Mannheimia (Presponse)
  • Single-dose BRSV protection. Provides the protection and convenience of one-dose technology, unique adjuvant system, enhancing the animal’s response to the vaccine for greater protection.
  • Pyramid + Presponse combines the two highly efficacious vaccines in one easily administered dose, reducing handling, stress and cost.
  • Allows for viral and bacterial respiratory and clostridial protection in only two injections
  • No minimum-age restrictions
  • Whole-herd claim allows the flexibility to vaccinate pregnant cows and heifers, or calves nursing pregnant cows, if previously vaccinated according to label instructions.
  • Demonstrated economic advantages in a head-to-head feedlot trial versus Bovi-Shield® Gold 1.

Express® vaccines

  • Proven protection based on disease challenge models and backed by the most independent published research
  • Rapid onset of immunity, meaning effective immune response quickly after vaccination, and proven protection against IBR and BVD within days
  • Broad reproductive and disease coverage containing IBR, BVD Types 1 and 2, PI3 and BRSV with or without Histophilus (Somnugen)
  • No minimum-age restrictions; Calves vaccinated younger then 6 months of age need to be re-vaccinated after 6 months of age.

1Bryant TC, Rodgers KC, Stone ND, Miles DG. 2008. Effect of viral respiratory vaccine treatment on performance, health and carcass traits of auction-origin feeder steers. Bovine Practitioner 42 (1):98-103.

Bovi-Sheld Gold is a registered trademark of Zoetis Services LLC