The program that verifies
the feeder calf.
As well as the cattleman.

Buyers know pre-vaccinated calves will gain faster and
stay healthier every step of the way. Our Prime calf
program helps you deliver those healthy,
high-performing calves, and includes a certificate
confirming they are indeed properly vaccinated.

Program Overview

Increase the chances your herd will be protected and stay healthy by using Prime Verified vaccines like Pyramid® FP, Pyramid® FP+Presponse® SQ and Express®.

Express® Vaccines

packages of Express® vaccines
  • Proven protection based on
    disease challenge models and
    backed by the most independent
    published research
  • Rapid onset of immunity, meaning
    effective immune response
    quickly after vaccination, and
    proven protection against IBR and
    BVD within days
  • Broad reproductive and disease
    coverage containing IBR, BVD Types
    1 and 2, PI3 and BRSV with or
    without Histophilus (Somnugen)
  • No minimum-age restrictions; Calves
    vaccinated younger then 6 months
    of age need to be re-vaccinated after
    6 months of age.

Pyramid® FP/Pyramid + Presponse® Vaccines

packages of Pyramid® FP/Pyramid + Presponse® vaccines
  • Broad coverage – BVD Types 1 and 2, IBR, BRSV and PI3 with or without Mannheimia (Presponse)
  • Single-dose BRSV protection. Provides the protection and convenience of one-dose technology, unique adjuvant system, enhancing the animal’s response to the vaccine for greater protection.
  • Pyramid + Presponse combines the two highly efficacious vaccines in one easily administered dose, reducing handling, stress and cost.
  • Allows for viral and bacterial respiratory and clostridial protection in only two injections
  • No minimum-age restrictions
  • Whole-herd claim allows the flexibility to vaccinate pregnant cows and heifers, or calves nursing pregnant cows, if previously vaccinated according to label instructions.
  • Demonstrated economic advantages in a head-to-head feedlot trial versus Bovi-Shield® Gold 1.
Bovi-Sheild® is the property of Zoetis Services LLC or a related company or a licensor unless otherwise noted.