Verified calves. For results you can count on.

How cattle are bought and sold has evolved over time, but it is still about trust. The cattle business remains a place where your word and a handshake still stand for something. Yet, a little proof of your extra work and commitment to delivering healthy calves never hurts in today’s market.

We followed over 1.4 Million calves and compared them to our Express Verified® calves in the feedlot and found the Express Verified® calves have lower treatment rates and less death loss. Click here to learn more.

That is where Express Verified® and Prime Verified programs from Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. can help.

Our Express Verified® pre-breeding and Prime Verified calfhood vaccination programs can work together to help calves stay healthy, add value by verifying vaccinations, and bring buyers and sellers together in one Online Market Place. Get Certificates

Express Verified

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