Express Verified®

Reproductive protection that is unsurpassed.
The Express FP family of products is one of the most complete modified-live virus (MLV) reproductive vaccine families on the market, with the strongest BVD fetal protection claim in the industry. In fact, we are so confident that all calves born to cows and heifers vaccinated with the Express® FP vaccine will be covered under our Express® Guarantee1. If you find a BVD PI calf from a cow or heifer that was vaccinated with any of our Express® FP products according to label directions, we’ll pay the fair market value in cash, plus the cost of testing.

Good for buyers. Good for sellers. Good for the industry.
The benefits of Express Verifying calves go well beyond the Express® Guarantee. Cow/Calf operators can differentiate their calves, and feedlots can reduce risk of disease when buying Express Verified® calves. The entire industry will benefit by reducing the impact of infectious diseases, such as bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Click here to learn more.

Tied to the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) tag database.
Express Verified® is the first and only vaccine program to link directly to an animal’s CCIA tag. The result is an “Express Verified®” calf — a calf that is age verified, as well as covered under the Express® Guarantee. For more information on Express® FP, contact your veterinarian today or one of our Express Verified® experts.
1Eligible products include Express® FP 5, Express FP 5/Somnugen®, Express® FP 10, Express FP 10/Somnugen® and Express® FP 5-VL5. Not included in the guarantee are Express® Yearling and Express® Feedlot.

How to Express® Verify your calves

  • Contact your veterinarian, and purchase an eligible Express® product for use in your breeding herd.
  • Ask your veterinarian for an Express® Purchase Certificate. This purchase certificate will contain a certificate number, certificate activation date and an expiry date.
  • Vaccinate your cows and heifers according to label directions.
  • When you age-verify your calves with the CCIA, enter the certificate number into the CCIA age verification database. For detailed information, download "How do I Express® Verify my calves?"
  • Tell your auction market, order buyer or feedlot that your calves are Express Verified®, and therefore are covered under the Express® Guarantee.*

Can I Express® Verify my dairy calves?
Yes. Dairy producers can Express Verify their calves as well.

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