Verified calves.
For results you can count on.

How cattle are bought and sold has evolved over time, but it is still about trust. The cattle business remains a place where your word and a handshake still stand for something. Yet, a little proof of your extra work and commitment to delivering healthy calves never hurts in today’s market.

Benefits of the
Express Verfied Program

For Cow-Calf Producers

  • Prevent the risk of a BVD PI calf in
    your own herd
  • Sell calves with PROVEN health benefits
  • Differentiate your calves at sale time

For Feedlots

  • Fewer first pulls and reduced overall and BRD death loss means fewer deaths, less antibiotic use and overall healthier calves
  • Same risk of BRD mortality regardless if you're buying high or low risk calves
  • Fair market compensation for any Express Verified calves found to be BVD PI

How to Express Verify

  • Contact your veterinarian, and purchase an eligible Express® product for use in your breeding herd.
  • Ask your veterinarian for an Express® Purchase Certificate. This purchase certificate will contain
    a certificate number, certificate activation date and an expiry date.
  • Vaccinate your cows and heifers according to label directions.
  • When you age-verify your calves with the CCIA, enter the certificate number into the CCIA age
    verification database.
  • Tell your auction market, order buyer or feedlot that your calves are Express Verified®, and therefore are covered under the Express® Guarantee.**

Annual Cycle FOR

Vaccinate Mother Cow Express


Calf is born Express Verified

Raise until weaned

Sell calves to feedlots

OUR Guarantee

The Express® FP family* of products is one of the most complete modified-live virus (MLV) reproductive vaccine families on the market. And calves from Express FP-vaccinated mothers offer proven performance in the feedlot.*** In fact, we are so confident that all calves born to cows and heifers vaccinated with the Express® FP vaccine will be covered under our Express® Guarantee**. If you find a BVD PI calf from a cow or heifer that was vaccinated with any of our Express® FP products according to label directions, we’ll pay the fair market value in cash, plus the cost of testing.