Cattle Listings

As an Express Verified® Producer, we know that you have done everything you can to protect the health of your calves, starting with vaccinating their mothers before they were conceived. Now you need to market them and here we have provided a variety of options for you.

AgriClearTM is an online cattle marketing platform that provides sellers and buyers the ability to direct market their calves with guaranteed payment assurances. By registering your cattle as Express Verified® with AgriClearTM, your cattle will be showcased across North America on the Express Verified® Feature page, where buyers can contact you directly.

Partner with AgriClear to buy and sell purebred (and commercial) cattle on a secure platform that offers efficiency, certainty, and payment assurance. Register for free at

AgriClear has merged the know-how of cattle industry leaders with NGX, a leading North American commodities exchange and trusted provider of payment and settlement services. This partnership powers AgriClear to securely provide this transformational web-based solution that connects Canadian and U.S. cattle producers.

Why AgriClear:

  • Cost Savings - no cost to register and list, and buyers and sellers only pay $6/head for a completed transaction. The most cost effective way to buy and sell your cattle.
  • Expanded Market Place - Access to a broad network of Canadian and U.S. cattle buyers and sellers.
  • Attribute-Based Marketing - Clearly communicate the value-added attributes your cattle have to a broader audience of buyers.
  • Payment Assurance - Payment is paid prior to shipment and is held until both parties are satisfied. AgriClear is backed by an additional $9 million (USD) bond assuring payment, which guarantees performance of AgriClear’s settlement obligations as explained in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Direct Engagement – Negotiate directly with buyers and sellers; the contract is between you and your counter-party.
  • Third-party Representation – Option to work with an Independent Seller Representative, who can help with describing, sorting, weight estimating, and pricing your cattle. There is an additional fee for this service.

If you have any questions please contact AgriClear Customer Support at or call toll-free 1-844-AGRICLR (247-4257).

The second option that we have created is the ability for you to email potential buyers and tell them when and where you will be selling your calves. Simply Click here and provide the sale date and a brief description of your calves and we will pass that to our buyers.

Interested in purchasing Express Verified® calves? Click here to be added to our email list. As Canada’s only transferable and traceable BVD PI assurance program and now with proven benefits in commingled calves at the feedlot including lower treatment rates and lower death loss, Express Verified® calves STAND OUT!

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